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Vibrational Perfumes

Using only natural ingredients, these perfumes are tailored to your specific needs and then charged energetically.


During a ten minute phone call, we’ll discuss any energetic, emotional or spiritual issues you may want the perfume to target. The phone call isn’t necessary as the perfume will work in accordance with what you need the most. It’s entirely optional.


Afterwards, requesting  the assistance of your spirit guides, I will create a perfume for you based on what help may be needed during this time. 


Each perfume is made using a unique combination of absolutes, essential oils, vibrational essences, tinctures, and energetic charging  (Reiki, Seichem, Violet Flame).

When your perfume is ready, I will ship it out to you within two days via USPS priority mail.

Shipping Included

Cut out Vintage Perfume bottle.png
Energetically Charged
Spirit Guided
Catered to your Purpose

Reiki, Seichem, or Violet Flame healing  energies to charge the perfume.

With your permission, your spirit guides will be called to offer guidance in creating this unique combination for you. 

In accordance with your highest good.


I've worked with essential oils and absolutes for almost 20 years, and flower essences for about 15 years. I am certified  in Reiki and Seichem master levels and Violet Flame attunement. I practice dowsing as a means to connect to spirit in the perfume making process. Your Higher Self and/or your spirit guides will be called in to choose which materials best suit your needs. 

I love plants, stones, scents, flavors, and mixing them into new creations. I've connected with nature in this way since a young age, from wandering in the woods as a kid identifying flowers, to cooking and mixing things up in the kitchen. I love to create flavorful foods and make things smell good. 

Energetic perfumes bring together all the things I've been in love with over the years. I greatly enjoy using the gifts I've been given to help others. 

About Me


"Nice words from people who have tried your product."

Teresa Watkins
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